Missing Y'all Already / Pandemic Blues

Trying hard to remember the last time we had to cancel a show for any reason at all, but these are strange days, indeed. "The show must go on" is now (sadly) "until further notice..." Certainly happened quickly and what, at first, was a band decision to try and do the responsible thing by our fans and friends, in no time at all became a directive to stay home. And here we are - missing your friendly faces and wishing we could play for y'all.

But, we'll get through this, together, 'cause that's what music does - brings us together to share some love and have a damn good time. So, stay healthy. Be smart. Love each other, and keep an eye and an ear out for the creative ways we'll try to stay in touch,musically, until this all blows over and we're able to meet up again, in person, and share some tunes.  With love and gratitude, to our fans, friends and fellow musicians - The Muddy Roses